We really love VC. And not just because we’re a VC picks team (though we really love that!). We love VC because they make quality products that not only look good, but are fully functional in every aspect of our crazy lives. To demonstrate the multi-purpose nature of VC’s fine products, some Phoenixes put together this sweet list of 16 ways you can use your VC jersey! Enjoy!

  1. Make a tent (tree required).20140913_173545
  2. Save lives!20140913_173707
  3. Avoid germs at the water fountain.20140913_174144
  4. Wrap a turban to avoid the sun.20140913_173814
  5. Prevent electrocution.20140913_173840
  6. Block the wind.20140913_173900
  7. Trespass! Er, I mean…don’t…20140913_173634
  8. Clean your whiteboard.20140913_173436
  9. Lazily carry your waterbottle. #handlessuck20140913_173509
  10. No dog poop bag? No problem.20140913_174106
  11. Kite flying made easy!20140913_174007
  12. A stylish and functional napkin.20140913_183353
  13. Keep up with the news.20140913_183753
  14. A sweet-looking scarf.20140913_183935
  15. Get that windshield squeaky clean!20140913_184007
  16. No toilet paper? No problem! [photo not available]