Here on Phoenix, we take the offseason just as seriously as our regular season. That means we’re in the gym, getting touches on the disc at pickups and leagues, and keeping up the PHLOVE that makes us the team we are!

So how does one maintain a spirit of phlove and phun during the offseason? For us, we are trying to have hangouts all over the Triangle area to make new friends and reconnect with old ones. Thus far, we’ve had an awesome pizza night:


AND tried our hand at a backup sport:


Some of us will be sticking to frisbee, others have already transitioned to professional pizza-eating.

If you love pizza, frisbee, birds (this one is optional) and fun, email us at and we’ll make sure you hear about our next night of phun! You can also join the NC Women’s Pickup Group to get info about upcoming competitive women’s pickup opportunities, just email us!