Another year, another class of rookies. Having read our 2016 roster announcement, you may be wondering, “What wisdom are the returning players bestowing on the Phoenix rookies?” It’s a well-guarded secret up until now, but just this once, we’ll let you in on some of the information that first year Phoenix players become privy to upon joining our brood.

  1. The venerable Google Doc. No Phoenix can undertake a season without careful logging in Google Docs several times a week. Legend has it that before this tool came to be,  Phoenixes would report absences, workout schedules, and cat jokes via a sacred wierwood phone tree. Now Phoenixes bow down to the power of the Google Doc for organizing carpools and Game of Thrones watch parties.
  2. Never leave home without checking GroupMe. If there is a way to run an ultimate team without a constant stream of cat memes and phuntivities, Phoenix has not yet learned how to do it. More than one Phoenix has upgraded to a smarter mobile device for the sole purpose of better communication with the Phoenix social calendar, a move both thrilling and terrifying for those not prepared for high levels of awesome.
  3. The VC Cult. How proud are we of being a VC Sponsored team? So proud we’ve written blogs about it. So proud our dogs wear it. So freaking proud we’re basically a cult of VC-wearing, VC-loving, shouting-from-the-rooftops-that-this-company-is-the-best-ever hooligans. 
  4. Cats. Some birds are afraid of cats. The Phoenix, as mythology tells us, is the only bird to befriend the feline and to earn its elusive respect and adoration. Don’t believe us? That’s fine. We’ll just get back to playing Neko Atsume and taking pictures of our cats…
  5. Phlove. Some teams love each other. That’s just fine and dandy but on Phoenix, we take love to the next level. Phlove is bringing Diet Coke to practice for teammates. It’s massaging a teammate’s sore muscles, no matter how sweaty. It’s devouring ice cream, Jimmy Johns, and donuts together post-practice with no judgement. It’s also listening to your teammate trying to get you to eat your vegetables instead of donuts post-practice, and arguing that lettuce on your sandwich counts. It’s silly, it’s thoughtful, it’s practical, and it’s always there when you need it most.

Keep checking the blog for more insightful updates on the PHX16 season!