What would you say if I told you I could name something even cooler than a catbird on fire?? What about a flaming taco-cat-bird on a truck??? Now isn’t that something to see…


Phoenix is combining with Taco Truck Ultimate, Triangle’s newest women’s team, for our tryouts on May 5-6. Those interested in Taco Truck are invited to attend these tryouts too; our wish is to play with ALL the women in the Triangle!
  • May 5&6, 9am-1pm @Cardinal Gibbons (Raleigh): Combined tryout between Phoenix/Taco Truck
  • May 10th, 7-9pm @Hooker Fields (UNC) is a Phoenix interested tryout ONLY
  • May 13th, 2-6pm (Durham) is a Taco Truck interested tryout ONLY
What does this mean for you?
You should consider May 5-6 to be another day to play more frisbee! That weekend is still primarily a Phoenix tryout, but it is an optional tryout for those wanting to tryout for Taco Truck who can’t make the May 13th tryout, or want more playing time.

This does mean you will have to pay $25 if you want to attend the May 5-6, or 10 tryouts. BUT, know that all of your money is going to support BOTH triangle teams!! #WomenInUltimate

You have to fill out either Taco Truck tryout form or Phoenix tryout form. Please fill out the form of the team you are primarily interested in. You can indicate at registration which team on May 5/6. Tryouts are just a week away!! Sign up now!!!!
Phoenix form | Taco Truck form
Hope to see you on May 5 & 6!!


Holler if you have questions,
Phoenix/Taco Truck Captains
Fun fact: did you know, TACOCAT is a palindrome? Match made in heaven!