Newly Hatched Phoenixes – What They Learn

Another year, another class of rookies. Having read our 2016 roster announcement, you may be wondering, “What wisdom are the returning players bestowing on the Phoenix rookies?” It’s a well-guarded secret up until now, but just this once, we’ll let you in on some of the information that first year Phoenix players become privy to upon joining our brood.

  1. The venerable Google Doc. No Phoenix can undertake a season without careful logging in Google Docs several times a week. Legend has it that before this tool came to be,  Phoenixes would report absences, workout schedules, and cat jokes via a sacred wierwood phone tree. Now Phoenixes bow down to the power of the Google Doc for organizing carpools and Game of Thrones watch parties.
  2. Never leave home without checking GroupMe. If there is a way to run an ultimate team without a constant stream of cat memes and phuntivities, Phoenix has not yet learned how to do it. More than one Phoenix has upgraded to a smarter mobile device for the sole purpose of better communication with the Phoenix social calendar, a move both thrilling and terrifying for those not prepared for high levels of awesome.
  3. The VC Cult. How proud are we of being a VC Sponsored team? So proud we’ve written blogs about it. So proud our dogs wear it. So freaking proud we’re basically a cult of VC-wearing, VC-loving, shouting-from-the-rooftops-that-this-company-is-the-best-ever hooligans. 
  4. Cats. Some birds are afraid of cats. The Phoenix, as mythology tells us, is the only bird to befriend the feline and to earn its elusive respect and adoration. Don’t believe us? That’s fine. We’ll just get back to playing Neko Atsume and taking pictures of our cats…
  5. Phlove. Some teams love each other. That’s just fine and dandy but on Phoenix, we take love to the next level. Phlove is bringing Diet Coke to practice for teammates. It’s massaging a teammate’s sore muscles, no matter how sweaty. It’s devouring ice cream, Jimmy Johns, and donuts together post-practice with no judgement. It’s also listening to your teammate trying to get you to eat your vegetables instead of donuts post-practice, and arguing that lettuce on your sandwich counts. It’s silly, it’s thoughtful, it’s practical, and it’s always there when you need it most.

Keep checking the blog for more insightful updates on the PHX16 season!

Day of Play 2016

We are excited to announce the second annual Phoenix Day of Play!
Sunday, April 10th

East Chapel Hill High School


This is an event for women of all experience levels, high school and up. In the morning we’ll group you with players of a similar level and do skills and games sessions. Last year’s goalty and mack stations will definitely be making a repeat appearance 🙂

We’ll provide lunch, and then in the afternoon we create hat teams across experience levels.

Cost is $30, discounts are available for college and high school teams who bring 5 or more participants and anyone with financial hardship.

Sign up here and send $30 via PayPal by Wednesday April 6th:

*Signup is $40 day of the event*

Pre-Season Skills Sessions

We are very excited about the growing number of female ultimate players in the Triangle and we are thrilled to be hosting another year of pre-tryouts Skills Sessions. These sessions are open to all female ultimate players, even those not interested in trying out for Phoenix this season. For those who are trying out, this is a good chance to get back into the swing of things before tryouts, show your stuff to the Team Selection Committee, meet other potential tryouts, and build your skill set.

2015-04-04 10.06.34

Each session will run from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM (or until dark). For the sessions at Bethesda, we will have optional goalty or mini extending until 8:00 PM.  The sessions will be led by a number of Selection Committee members as well as Phoenix 2015 players.

Here are the dates we have planned (we’ve tried to do a mix of nights to accommodate people’s schedules):

Thursday, March 17th (Hooker)
Wednesday, March 23rd (Bethesda)
Wednesday, March 30th (Bethesda)
Monday, April 4th (Lincoln Center)
Wednesday, April 13th (Bethesda)
Monday, April 18th (Lincoln Center)

Please RSVP for the Skills Sessions if you know you can come. Everyone is always welcome, but knowing approximate attendance will help us with planning:

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please feel free to email us at Please invite your college and HS teammates, and anyone else who may be interested!


2016 Tryout Schedule

We are proud to announce our 2016 Tryout Schedule! As we compete in the Pro Flight this season and continue to build the Phoenix program, we are looking for players and teammates who work hard and who are team-minded. We are committed to putting in the work on the field, at the track, and in the gym with our teammates to be the best players and team that we are capable of being. This year, the roster will be selected by our captains (Rachel Johnson, Jenna Dahl, and Michelle Ng) as well as our Selection Committee members (Judy Winglee and Kyra Catabay).

Tryouts will take place over the following weekends (locations TBA):
– Open Tryout: April 23, 9 AM – 2 PM
– Invite Tryout: May 7, 1 – 5 PM
– Invite Tryout: May 8, 11 AM – 3 PM

Please fill out this Google form to register for tryouts:

The tryout registration fee is $15 to cover field rental costs.

What’s the 2016 season look like for Phoenix?
We are very excited to be competing in the Pro Flight this season, based on our finish at last year’s Nationals. Our full tournament schedule can be found here. We plan to have a mix of one-day practices (4-5 hours on a single weekend day) and two-day practices (3-4 hours on both Saturday and Sunday). We will also often have one weekday workout and one weekday practice per week for the majority of the season. We will be striving for efficient, focused, and FUN practices, and will also be paying close attention to making sure that there is a good balance between the commitment of playing on a high-level club team and other life commitments.

Finding our Footing and Roles at the US Open

11709969_10204731804721799_8747013863043967912_oThe US Open is a different tournament from anything else Phoenix will experience. The level of play and the 4 day schedule is comparable to Nationals, but it’s only the second tournament of our regular season. Since it’s so early, the pressure is amplified and downplayed at the same time. On one hand, this tournament does not define our season; we will have plenty of opportunities in 2015. On the other hand, this is a time to build a foundation for the rest of the season and to make a first statement about what kind of team we are. No pressure.

As we all walked away from the fields Saturday after being dealt a sixth loss for the weekend there were a lot of feelings. It was hard to find a silver lining in what should have been, statistically, a losing weekend. But we found out a lot about our selves and our team this weekend. This weekend showed that we will stumble. We will go down early. But we will also find our rhythm and make some great comebacks like we did against Schwa and Fusion. We found out that we can hang with and ultimately, challenge a well-tested team like Riot. If that isn’t starting the season on the right foot, then I don’t know what is.

11713670_10204731791481468_3381232796266015742_oOur captains have done a great job of finding the things we are all good at individually and trying to maximize that potential with our on-field roles. Getting a role is exciting and nerve-wracking. We all love being told we’re good at something, but then once you know you’re good at it, the pressure is on to continue being good. Throughout the season I think we’ll all deal with this pressure in different ways, and it will hopefully challenge us to find new motivation to keep improving.

Off-field we’re still trying to find our voice, fill new roles, and get our footing as well. Have you ever tried to come up with things that rhyme with “Phoenix”?? If so, you’ll understand why our cheers are few and far between. Luckily we’re a creative team, and we had a fair amount of beer and bonding at the US Open to really strengthen our cheering and off-field game.

So now that we’re all back and answering the inevitable questions from friends, family and coworkers about how the weekend went, I find myself taking all of the above into perspective and answering, “Well, good!”

PHX Heads to the US Open

This week we pack up the cars and hit the road to West Chester, OH! There we will face off against some of the nation’s top reigning women’s teams in USA Ultimate’s annual US Open tournament.

We start the tourney with a Thursday morning game against San Francisco Nightlock, who has continued to gain ground against some of the long-standing top ranked teams each of the past 3 years. We then play a 1:30pm live-streamed* game against Southeast Regional champion, Atlanta Ozone, followed by a match-up against San Francisco Fury, one of the country’s most-storied programs of the past decade. All three teams finished in the Pro-Flight in 2014, and we couldn’t be more excited to test our skills and chemistry against them.

Coming off a home tournament win at Cackalacky Challenge a few weeks back, we are feeling confident and excited for the season! In preparation for the Open, we have been brushing up on our primary colors and studying passages from Animal Farm during team huddles. Watch out for Red Pigs!!  We showcased our VC Whites at Cackalacky and will be proud to sport our new VC Darks this week!

In addition to the friz tournament, Cassie Swafford hopes to get as many steps in as possible this weekend to maintain a stronghold at the top of the team Phitbit challenge.  Ladies & Gentlemen, place your bets – under / over 40,000 steps?

*For full information on broadcast games at the US Open look here:

Cackalacky Champions!

It was our distinct pleasure to host some of our favorite regional rivals this past weekend at Cackalacky Challenge. Fellow North Carolina teams Rogue, Rut-Ro (an iteration of Ripe/Retro/Sweet T), and Warhawks (a YCC team!!) made the drive out to Fuquay-Varina, just south of Raleigh. Virginia, Maryland and DC were all well-represented, and both Ozone and Tabby Rosa made the trip up north to kick off their seasons.

Day one saw its share of battles. Both pools had games go down to the wire. In pool B, Outbreak and Tabby Rosa went to DGP, to have Outbreak punch it in for the win, ultimately taking 2nd in the pool behind Rut-Ro. Over in pool A, a story of classic regional rivals began again in the 2015 season as Ozone and Phoenix traded the lead in the first half. After Ozone took half 7-5, Phoenix decisively pulled away for the win and to take first in the pool.

The story of the weekend was undoubtedly the heat. Dry fields only amplified the scorching temps as teams employed any means to create shade and grabbed cool towels to avoid heat stroke. Thankfully everyone made it out of the weekend without any lasting damage.

On Sunday, temperatures stayed high as Ozone and Phoenix fought through quarters and semis to meet once again in the finals game. After an early lead by Phoenix, Ozone came back with a vengeance to take half. Both teams traded long points in the second half until Phoenix scored a 2-point run to make it DGP. After an Ozone turnover, Phoenix worked it back down to the Atlanta end zone to score and keep the Cackalacky Challenge Championship in NC.


Phoenix would like to thank everyone again for coming and playing through the heat with us! We can’t wait to see you all again throughout the 2015 season!

ps- Don’t we look awesome in our brand-new whites from VC Ultimate!?!