Finding our Footing and Roles at the US Open

11709969_10204731804721799_8747013863043967912_oThe US Open is a different tournament from anything else Phoenix will experience. The level of play and the 4 day schedule is comparable to Nationals, but it’s only the second tournament of our regular season. Since it’s so early, the pressure is amplified and downplayed at the same time. On one hand, this tournament does not define our season; we will have plenty of opportunities in 2015. On the other hand, this is a time to build a foundation for the rest of the season and to make a first statement about what kind of team we are. No pressure.

As we all walked away from the fields Saturday after being dealt a sixth loss for the weekend there were a lot of feelings. It was hard to find a silver lining in what should have been, statistically, a losing weekend. But we found out a lot about our selves and our team this weekend. This weekend showed that we will stumble. We will go down early. But we will also find our rhythm and make some great comebacks like we did against Schwa and Fusion. We found out that we can hang with and ultimately, challenge a well-tested team like Riot. If that isn’t starting the season on the right foot, then I don’t know what is.

11713670_10204731791481468_3381232796266015742_oOur captains have done a great job of finding the things we are all good at individually and trying to maximize that potential with our on-field roles. Getting a role is exciting and nerve-wracking. We all love being told we’re good at something, but then once you know you’re good at it, the pressure is on to continue being good. Throughout the season I think we’ll all deal with this pressure in different ways, and it will hopefully challenge us to find new motivation to keep improving.

Off-field we’re still trying to find our voice, fill new roles, and get our footing as well. Have you ever tried to come up with things that rhyme with “Phoenix”?? If so, you’ll understand why our cheers are few and far between. Luckily we’re a creative team, and we had a fair amount of beer and bonding at the US Open to really strengthen our cheering and off-field game.

So now that we’re all back and answering the inevitable questions from friends, family and coworkers about how the weekend went, I find myself taking all of the above into perspective and answering, “Well, good!”

How to Have a Fun Offseason

Here on Phoenix, we take the offseason just as seriously as our regular season. That means we’re in the gym, getting touches on the disc at pickups and leagues, and keeping up the PHLOVE that makes us the team we are!

So how does one maintain a spirit of phlove and phun during the offseason? For us, we are trying to have hangouts all over the Triangle area to make new friends and reconnect with old ones. Thus far, we’ve had an awesome pizza night:


AND tried our hand at a backup sport:


Some of us will be sticking to frisbee, others have already transitioned to professional pizza-eating.

If you love pizza, frisbee, birds (this one is optional) and fun, email us at and we’ll make sure you hear about our next night of phun! You can also join the NC Women’s Pickup Group to get info about upcoming¬†competitive women’s pickup opportunities, just email us!

Ways to Use Your VC Jersey

We really love VC. And not just because we’re a VC picks team (though we really love that!). We love VC because they make quality products that not only look good, but are fully functional in every aspect of our crazy lives. To demonstrate the multi-purpose nature of VC’s fine products, some Phoenixes put together this sweet list of 16 ways you can use your VC jersey! Enjoy!

  1. Make a tent (tree required).20140913_173545
  2. Save lives!20140913_173707
  3. Avoid germs at the water fountain.20140913_174144
  4. Wrap a turban to avoid the sun.20140913_173814
  5. Prevent electrocution.20140913_173840
  6. Block the wind.20140913_173900
  7. Trespass! Er, I mean…don’t…20140913_173634
  8. Clean your whiteboard.20140913_173436
  9. Lazily carry your waterbottle. #handlessuck20140913_173509
  10. No dog poop bag? No problem.20140913_174106
  11. Kite flying made easy!20140913_174007
  12. A stylish and functional napkin.20140913_183353
  13. Keep up with the news.20140913_183753
  14. A sweet-looking scarf.20140913_183935
  15. Get that windshield squeaky clean!20140913_184007
  16. No toilet paper? No problem! [photo not available]